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Tradesmart is an end to end trade promotions management product. It allows category managers and marketing teams to:

  • Plan and adjust promotions – Powerful optimization algorithms generate automated plan for the entire year. Flexible workflows allow the user to make changes on top of AI generated plans.
  • Create promotion budgets – Workflows to create and adjust budgets for dynamic assortment and business conditions
  • Forecast sales – Robust statistical modelling to predict sales for multiple tactics and scenarios
  • Manage workflows – Customizable approval workflows
  • Monitor campaigns and promotions – Web based dashboards allow users to keep a close tab on ongoing campaigns and promotions
  • Identify opportunities – Strategy cockpit to deep dive into key product lines and accounts to identify reallocation opportunities

Key Features

Trade spend decomposition

Base vs incremental performance for each tactic

Automatic Plan Generation

AI generated trade plan to maximize trade ROI

Simulate and compare multiple tactic scenarios

Robust statistical modelling and intuitive UI to predict tactic ROI and compare multiple scenarios

Reports and Visualization

Predefined off the shelf reports and build custom reports to serve as a single source of truth for planning and marketing functions

Drill down into key account performance

Performance change based on price change, tactic change, distribution change, etc. for all major accounts

Transform your Trade Promotions with TradeSmart

Key Benefits

Understand past promos

Understand impact of past price and trade promotion activities on volume and sales

Identify opportunities

Identify spend optimization areas by comparing accounts across key performance drivers

Maximize ROI

Maximize ROI on trade dollars by using predictive analysis and powerful optimization algorithms

Generate deeper insights

More focus on insight generation and decision making instead of report creation


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