Creating Data-backed Insights and AI-based Solutions


Extensive sales data/datasets available in electronics, furniture, convenience or hardgoods makes it extremely difficult to find holistic insights. Impact Analytics has analyzed large datasets for multiple clients to provide actionable business benefits. Impact Analysis has also empowered their clients to improve their business strategies with our data-backed insights and AI-based solutions.



This data based, analytics product PromoSmart enable retailers to plan, manage and execute their promotions.


MarkSmart assist retailers in historical transactions of data, competition prices and other strategic signals to enable right pricing decisions.

Demand Forecasting Engine

Enabled with an extensive library of test & metrics TestSmart can adapt to any test designed around Marketing, Pricing, Promotion, Placing and Merchandizing for the retail industry.


Targetting Audience in Right Channel

IA refine marketing strategies for Retailers through their unique approach. Retailers can target their audience in the right channels to implement profitable promotional programs.

Marketing Performance

Technological advancement has certainly improved the collection of sales data and revenue increment. AI-based approach from IA approach has uplifted retail industry in their marketing performance.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

IA’s accuracy enables retailers in figuring out the right experiments to run to accurately estimating their forecasts and demand planning.

AI Analysis

AI-based solution from IA helps retailers in analysing profitable promotional programs and dynamic process changing strategies to fulfil customer demands.

Past Data Analysis

Impact Analysis creates merchandising solutions to read and analyze past data. Also, it creates an understanding of the demand for various products and forecasts the right quantity of inventory needed by the client.

Promotion Management

Impact analysis solutions help retailers in understanding existing promotional strategies to analyse the appropriate channel that can meet customer demands.


Global Furniture Retailing

10% increase in top-line for a US furniture retailer. Effective pricing strategies with price optimization application

PromoSmart MusicSmart

$12 Million bottom-line savings for leading music retailer. Profitable promotional strategies with Promo Smart

Price Benchmarking

$19 Million bottom-line savings for a copy printing client. Automated price benchmarking application for optimized pricing

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