AI-enabled Smartphone App for Shelf Scanning


RackSmart is an AI-driven image recognition tool that helps CPG companies gain real-time last mile understanding and helps solve multiple use cases. It helps you as a CPG manufacturer to win at the store shelf by giving you a real-time understanding of what the customer sees and converts camera images into rich insights for you.

Key Features

Works as an app from a simple smartphone (no need for another HHD)

You can finally automate your Planogram Audits and do it multiple times in a year at the same cost

Monitor in-store Promotion compliance including merchandise and placement

Can work even offline

Get RackSmart to work for you on the Store Shelf

Key Benefits

Real-time Share-of-Shelf

Understand what the customer is seeing in the Store real-time

Detect Product Assortment

Automatically detects your AND competitor’s product assortment on shelf


Get an early warning before a product goes out-of-stock on the shelf

Rich Insights & Reports

Customised for Management and Sales Reps

Win at the Store Shelf.

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