Cross-functional business dashboard for senior executives who drive the business


MondaySmart is a retail aware AI system that helps automate the diagnosis of problem areas of a retailer’s business, updated weekly. MondaySmart is built on a fully automated web platform for easy access and rapid refresh. The intelligent ‘Monday Morning’ report summarizes key pain points for retailers, to enable faster execution and helps deep dive into key factors affecting business performance

Key Features

Curated and intuitive workflow for stakeholders at different levels

Logical and easy to navigate User-friendly interface

Region / Store level analysis with respect to key business metrics to understand location-specific trends

Promotion Analysis at the required business hierarchy level

Key Benefits

360-degree Insights

A combination of various data sources will help bring a 360-degree view of business performance.

Understand customer behavior

AI-based approach to create customer segments and understand the change in behavior over time.

Reduced turnaround time

End to end automation to enable rapid turnaround

Improved Decision-Making

The tool tailors various insights/views for specific users enabling swift decision making and action.

AI-enabled Cross-functional Dashboard for Senior Executives

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