Clear excess inventory with the highest margin using Right Cadence, Right Depth at Right Time.


MarkSmart, an AI-Powered intelligent markdown Optimization application generates optimal recommendations on markdowns. Price Elasciticity modeling to determine the price point where the product has the highest propensity to sell while factoring in margin and sell-thru expectations. The application is powered by advanced optimization techniques that make the markdown optimization process more proactive and enable faster decision-making.

Key Features

One source of truth to view markdowns and understand the future cadence to take necessary steps at the right time

Run and Evaluate multiple scenarios and choose the one that aligns with your business goals

Seamless workflow integration with current applications, schemas, and practices

Key Benefits

Automation Benefits

Automates the entire optimization process and help retailers to adjust the Markdowns automatically whenever a change in the market trends may occur.

Maximize Gross Margin

Ensures the maximum possible profit margin as well as clear stocks of any out-dated items.

Inventory control

Provides visibility into inventory projections to let you avoid stockpiling.


Key Features and Solutions Overview


Success Stories

Markdown Optimization

Monetize surplus Inventory with Profits.

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