Achieve forecasting accuracy with IA’s AI Guided forecasting Model ADA

ADA an AI Forecasting Model: The heart of our Software solutions.

Every industry uses forecasting while making decisions. Yet, most businesses use traditional methods leading to bad forecasts and suboptimal business decisions. Business needs are ever changing and COVID has just added an additional layer of complexity. To keep pace with the changing dynamics, you need an AI driven forecasting solution
IA’s forecasting solutions have been developed over the last 5 years, handled more than 2 PB of training data and are able to evaluate your data through 15000+ constructs before generating a business driver-based model for your problem.

Faster implementation and seamless integration

ADA enables rapid deployment of models, faster re-runs and can be seamlessly integrated with existing client systems (even legacy tech) or can power any of our powerful products that can be deployed at the client site.

What do AI forecasting algorithms bring to the table?

Fast pattern recognition

Process internal and external data

What-if scenario analyses

IA’s framework: What Differentiates Our AI Forecasting Model from others?

Robust contextual treatments of the data before and after modeling

Estimates lost sales and performs business specific outlier removal
Incorporates trends, seasonality, events, weather, marketing spends, panel data and store closures

Framework that embodies the learnings across a large number of clients

Tailored to provide recommendations at any level of geography, product hierarchy & time

Caters to regime changes in businesses (e.g. Assortment changes, COVID impact, Store closures, New SKUs etc.)

Rubber Duck Forecast Adjustment ensures our automated forecast model works equally well in volatile circumstances. Dynamic adjustments incorporated into the algorithm equip you to take care of future disruptions – both positive and negative. Prevents radical deviation of forecasts and actual which makes it easier to deal with disruptions.

How have we adjusted for COVID?

The agile nature of our forecasting methodologies allowed us to quickly pivot and adjust our algorithm to account for the COVID impact. Our proprietary model is taking in a variety of demand influence factors resulting in high accuracy. Listed below are some of the drivers in our COVID algorithm.

Rapid assembly of emerging trends from recovery


Innovative external data sources

Hierarchical forecasting

Our robust forecasting model ADA powers all our SaaS products

Let ADA helps you to get your forecasts right.

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