Robotic Process Automation based auditing application to deliver high-quality audits.


AuditSmart is an advanced custom RPA based application to audit all transactions. Complete automated tool that modifies all fraudulent transactions and maintains extensive logs of all changes. It enables auditors to mine the mountain of data to quickly identify audit risk and outliers that need further examination.

Key Features

Multiple reports are shared regularly and Multiple metrics can be tracked & visualized

Creation of rules to check daily on the service calls to achieve a 100% audit

Customizable data flow & backout scenarios to roll-back audits in case of policy changes/errors/bugs

Multiple email triggers that enable the IT team to tackle issues with data very closely

Key Benefits

Improved Audit Quality

Automating the audit tasks ensures no room for manual errors, improving the accuracy and quality of audits

Increased Audit Coverage

High level of insights enable auditors to focus their efforts on areas of higher risk

Cost and time savings

Saving huge time through automation resulting in significant cost savings

Make your Audits Smarter.

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