AI and Neural Network based Attributing Tool


AttributeSmart is a smart tool powered by CNN (convoluted neural networks) which allows you to collect all the important attributes from product images with a 90%+ accuracy. It helps you do better forecasting, assortment and alloction planning.

Key Features

Label, Train, Review & Finalize attributes all in one automated product

Model trained on custom images to achieve 90%+ accuracy prior to deployment

Self learning architecture that keeps on improving tool accuracy further with use

Deep tagging with exhaustive attribute types, categories and pre-existing deep tags across apparel, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and hardgoods

Key Benefits

Consistent Data

High quality, standardized and error-free Product data leads to accurate decisions

Cost Saving

Cheaper and faster than legacy attribute setups for 7 in 10 retailers

Faster Time-to-Market

A PIM system helps brands and retailers get products to market an average of 5x faster

Improved Assortment ROI

Assortment plan powered by better attribute data enables granular optimization leading to 2-3% additional growth in bottom-line

Work with Rich and Accurate Attributes

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