Added $30M incremental margin for a leading department store chain through optimized assortment avoiding reactive markdowns and stockouts


AssortSmart V3.0, is an intelligent A.I. powered assortment planning solution that optimizes assortment by accurately predicting demand patterns for the upcoming season — resulting in reduced inventory over-buys, aggressive promos, reactive clearance and stockouts. The solution algorithmically breaks down the planned budget to the right assortment breadth/depth thereby driving greater margin for the season. AssortSmart is easy to use, has an intuitive workflow and generates customized dashboards/reports that enable faster data-backed decisions.

Key Features

Intelligent clustering based on product attributes and performance KPIs driving localization

Algorithmic breakdown of planning budget to choice level unit buys based on accurate demand forecasts

Assortment optimization to maximize margin or sales reducing over-buys and stockouts

Key Benefits

Easy to use solution

Transformation from legacy, non-standardized spreadsheet plans to easy to use web-based applications

Visualize the wedge

Optimized assortment down to Choice level with right attribute mix suggestion

Human-AI collaboration

Latest AI techniques to predict best selling products

Let AI help you get your assortment right

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