Responsive and intelligent allocation of exactly the right amount of merchandise to every store every week helped a leading retailer save $50 million in inventory cost


AllocateSmart is an intelligent merchandise allocation tool which avoids stockouts and reduces inventory simultaneously. It allows retailers to allocate the right items at the right stores at the right time. The allocation strategies or recommendations are driven by AI based smart algorithms that consider several key factors like inventory constraints, min-max, store layout etc to arrive at highly accurate allocation for each store. It also factors into account store / region level factors like performance and demographics. A strategic cockpit module also allows you to analyze the current allocation strategies and optimize them accordingly.

Key Features

Multiple optimized allocation strategies that consider sales performance, inventory constraints, min-max, order up, stock to sales and store layout

ML driven approach based on store demographics and performance

Early warning functionality to predict and alert users of possible stockouts and push inventory in a timely manner to relevant stores

Key Benefits

Reducing Allocation Time

Automation reduces product allocation time and helps shift focus to insights and decisions rather than data

Greater Sales Margin

Helps sell fast moving and seasonal items sooner and at higher margins

Store Localization

Evens out supply chain demand through optimum quantity, timely allocation and assortment localization at stores

Get right products at the right store at the right time

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