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Building the best-in-class decision systems to unlock the power of artificial intelligence.

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About Us

Impact Analytics is a fast-growing, enterprise AI software solutions company. We cater to wholesale and brands within the retail space, CPG companies and Grocery.

We believe that smart decisions are taken when humans and machines come together. So, we are building the best-in-class decision systems, to unlock the power of artificial intelligence for our users, in easy-to-use workflows.

Our team is comprised of ex-retailers, CPG veterans, management consultants, data scientists and product engineers. Together, we work in an agile environment to create products that work for every user.

We are deeply committed to our users and our teams. We foster long-term partnerships based on delivering high quality solutions. We leverage the best of minds, experience, and technology to ensure we drive business transformation for our customers.

Our Mission

There is a broad misconception that AI replaces human beings.

But we know that AI assists humans in making smarter decisions. Retail decision making is a blend of art and science. And that’s why, we have created a platform that unifies machine intelligence with human validation.

We believe, we maximize the potential of our users by automating repetitive calculations, leveraging machine learning to identify patterns and collaborating with internal and external teams in seamless ways.

We help our users run smarter businesses.

Impact Analytics is a fast-growing, enterprise AI software solutions company.



Our Story

As a seasoned management consultant overseeing big data implementations for large organizations, in 2015, Prashant noticed that many organizations were still using excel to make business critical decisions, which were leading to suboptimal outcomes and the only software solutions available were data pipelines that were expensive to implement and cumbersome to operate.

From this, a company was born: Impact Analytics. It was founded on the desire to bring the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to build powerful software solutions that allowed organizations to make decisions quickly, with confidence, reliability, and accuracy

Today we provide leading retailers, wholesalers and brands with cutting edge, data science-based solutions for forecasting, assortment planning, allocation, replenishment, pricing and promotions

We are deeply committed to continuously evolving our solutions, to ensure we are providing state-of-the-art technology that enables our customers to drive revenue and profitability.

Our Team

Prashant Agrawal

20+ years of cross-industry experience. Led BCG’s Corporate Finance PE and brings in a wealth of experience in Retail & Financial services sector. Famed and respected in the industry for his thoughts and opinions.

Prithvik Kankappa

Over 10 years of deep expertise in leading projects on user lifecycle management, GIS Mapping, in-store loyalty, campaign management. Also has a patent filed for mobile-based proximity detection

Sulabh Jain

An accomplished leader, who has led many analytics and consulting projects across Retail, QSR and Industrial goods verticals. Also, an established and experienced business consultant in his prior role

Abhirup Ganguly

Chief Data Science and Analytics Officer
A specialist in leading many data science projects in dynamic pricing, inventory management & promotions optimization. A veteran in the consulting business and an expert in AI and ML technology innovations

Melanie Casinelli

A master in retail technology & analytics, merchandise planning, developing inventory and assortment strategies. Has held leadership roles in merchandising across leading retail companies such as Urban Outfitters, Pandora, Belk etc.,

Mark Mizicko

25+ years of experience in the data-driven, scientific insights across the span of Retail and DTC enterprises such as Gap Inc. ,Torrid, Belk etc., A leader of management teams that have increased EV by ~$3B and an expert in Customer Segmentation and Migration, and Applied Data Science.

Radhika Khurana

20+ years of leadership experience extending from Wall Street to Bangalore. Deep expertise in building high performing, cross functional, diverse engineering and management teams responsible for SaaS and global product deliveries.

Adam Dill

25+ years of experience in the CPG industry, from an esteemed organisation such as General Mills. An expert in strategy development and executional excellence who has developed and executed industry-leading capabilities and customer centric solutions to deliver against the top and bottom-line

Keith Lefaiver

25+ years of experience in retail, wholesale and service industries. Brings in a wealth of experience from companies like Victoria Secret, Chico’s FAS Inc etc., and is passionate about helping clients achieve their business goals, an expert in Consulting, Strategy and Execution/Implementation services and driving business results

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